Saturday, August 1, 2009

in 5 hours

i'll be getting on a plane that will take me through amsterdam, and onto seattle. that's right, i'm coming! crazy. nuts. weird. i haven't really been very excited as of yet - not because i don't want to see people or do things i love at home, but because i feel like i could stay here longer. But alas, that is not meant to happen at the moment and i think it's good to go home while i still have a little bit of money. Regroup, hang out, work, save, get some direction, and then plan my next adventure! I'm sad to be leaving so much that i love and i'm not very excited for a lot of what constitutes life in America...but there are some things about home that are coming within grasp that i am pretty stoked about. here are a few:

-dad and brother
-amber and her daughter
-dinner with miki
-shrimp salad (the way my dad makes it, mmm...)
-laying on the grass
-hiking somewhere that isn't in dodoma
-seattle, portland, the city
-wearing all the pantalones and shorts my little heart desires
-a bed all to MYSELF! :)

ahhh the more i think about those things, the more i am getting excited to get home! i think it's gonna be pretty great. i hope. i'm plenty nervous for all the cultural, emotional, and spiritual side effects that i'll be dealing with - but god is good and i trust that he'll get me through just fine.

so yes, here i come america! whoohooo!!!

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  1. Leah! I hope you're doing well! It would be fun to catch up sometime - I'd love to hear about your trip! :)Carla